CNC Machining 

Low Volume


Consultation & CAD Design


Consultation & CAD Design

 FMD CAD design and part engineering focuses on combining creativity with functional design. Working with your specifications and ideas we develop a collaborative process that will begin with detailed variations of the part or prototype you have in mind

and end with a working prototype or part.



CNC Machining

At FMD, we use advanced equipment to offer you a variety of CNC machining services including milling, 4TH axis milling, turning and much more.

Using our 3 axis and Live CNC machining centers, we can make parts using a wide range of plastics and metals.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manor include Lathes, Mills, Routers and Grinders. The CNC in CNC Machining stands for "Computer Numerical Control." CNC machining is a subtract manufacturing process, where raw material is removed with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product. Advanced software is used to control the equipment according to the specification of your 3D product design. 

We program the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your design specifications.

CNC machining is a great way to meet a range of your product development needs.

Here are Some of the Benefits of CNC Prototype Machining:

Fast Turnaround

Highly Accurate

Easily Repeatable

Suitable for Many Different Kinds of Substrates

Scalable Volumes

Low Investment in Tooling

Economical Preparation Costs

CNC Turned Parts

CNC Turning is the manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. Turning parts on a CNC Turning centers allows for a wide range of complexities, sizes, and material types. Our CNC lathes enable high speed and high-quality turning of both plastics and metals. The turning process allows for complex external geometries and internal bores to be generated. Our turning capacity is suited for one-off prototypes through high-volume production.

CNC Milled Parts

If a material can be cut or drilled, it can be machined by a CNC mill. Extremely versatile and produce custom precision parts for a wide variety of industries. CNC milling is used to apply a machined surface finish on plastic or metal or for creating complex 3D shapes. We use 3 axis and Live CNC machining centers with quick-change tooling, programmed using advanced software.

At FMD, we also offer surface grinding services. When surface grinding the work piece is held stationary on a horizontal plate. The surface grinding wheel is precisely controlled to abrade the work piece to a precise depth.

Precision Machining

Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is +/-.0002. Tolerances are greatly affected by part geometry and type of material.

We will consult with you on every part of your project and will seek to provide the highest degree of accuracy possible.



FMD works with a wide range of plastic and metal materials including Delrin, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, stainless steel and brass.  

In addition to our standard  stock list, we can provide you with custom ordered materials as required.






Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low-Volume Manufacturing is an ideal solution for managing your inventory and testing the market before producing larger quantities.

FMD services include CNC machining, Turning and Surface Grinding. We also partner with a number of different finishing services 

to ensure your product looks great.



With our ever expanding state-of-the-art facility we consistently produce high quality machine shop parts that meet today's demanding delivery schedules

at competitive prices.

Our in-plant capabilities allow us to produce quality machine shop parts, small or large

quantities, meeting rigid commercial and military specifications.

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